The Photographer Academy- Academy Week 2013

I was fortunate enough to spend the second week in May 2013 at The Photographer Academy’s Academy Week for a weeks training at The Palladian Mansion in Kildare with Photography Masters Mark Cleghorn and Kenny Martin. We covered everything from Lighting to Posing to Portraiture to Boudoir right up to Art Nude. (We were all slightly reticent about tackling art nude, especially the girls on the course who ended up excelling!) It is an insanely intense course with days starting at eight and finishing north of twelve hours later. Who knew there were that many hours in the day? Oh you did.. anyway.. Mark and Kenny are excellent tutors and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I would however suggest that you don’t arrive there after forty minutes sleep the night before. Forty minutes are probably not quite enough. Oh yeah, and don’t leave your internal lights on in the car parked at Stansted Airport. And then get back to said airport and expect your car to go. Anywhere. (this anecdote doesn’t really work seeing as the one this year is in Wales, but like, whatever.)

The video covers my favourite shots from the intense five-day shooting experience. This year the course in South Wales and runs from June 26th till the 30th. If you get a chance to attend this course I strongly suggest you do. Follow the link for info on this years course..


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